WordPress on The Wardrobe was down for 2 hours for the maintenance reasons.

Hi all.

Since I love my little server and want it to feel as comfortable as possible in my little geekindom once in a while I have to take it off the wardrobe and give it a cuddle.

Last time it was done on the Eastern Sunday so not so long ago but today I started hearing this annoying brrr brrr brrr sound. It was the sound of “I need new fan or I will fail soon enough!”. Luckily I was clever to buy new fan sometime ago when I have started noticing first signs of a problem and was just waiting for a good moment to replace it. So I took the machine down tonight and wrapped it securely to transport it to my friends house. He has all the tools I needed. Short – 10 minutes walk and I was there.

During the maintenance I had to do few things.

– disassemble the AC/DC adapter
– dismount the fan in the AC/DC adapter
– clean everything inside the AC/DC adapter box
– clean the AC/DC adapter fan and give it a bit of WD40
– take off the CPU fan and radiator (it was old and tired)
– replace the CPU fan with a new one
– I had a bigger radiator too so I replaced it as well
– add extra fan in front of the machines case (the blue light on the photos)
– add extra fan on the HDD / CD rack so it blows the air on the HDD / CD
– all the fans were cleaned before mounting and sprayed with WD40
– CPU got a new heat grease on
– external HDD pocket was added in a free slot – waiting for ata100 tape for it

In other words – I did the best I could to ensure a quieter work, lower temperature, longer (at least I hope so) life expectancy and last but not least external backup possibility for my machine.

Here are few shots of the inside of the machine…

Server maintenance in progress 1

Server maintenance in progress 2

Server maintenance in progress 3

Server maintenance in progress 4

It was fun and pleasure. This machine serves me well for a very long time now. Why wouldn’t I make something nice for it when it needs me most?

Long live the Server!