Back to the roots – Starcraft – Final battle in the Terran campaign… [VIDEO]

Hi all.

Some time ago I have decided to buy Starcraft (Brood War version) – game by Blizzard Entertainment. It was cheap as the game is not new (as in recently released) plus it was a 2nd hand purchase. To make it playable I used the Crossover software that I got for free long time ago.

Couple of days ago I decided to start playing Starcraft again. It’s a really good game. It’s like Warcraft 2 but in the space. While Warcraft is all about might and magic Starcraft is all about power and technology… The game is not better then Warcraft 2. It’s just as good but there are few features that are really cool ie. you can move some of the buildings to a new locations once they were constructed.

Main objectives of the game are to build Your own empire starting from the least advanced structures and troops and work Your way up while going thru a different missions. The last mission in the first episode (Terran campaign) objectives are “Destroy Ion Cannon” and “Raynor must survive”. Second part is easy. Just hide Raynor somewhere in Your camp and tell him to hold positions. First part is much more difficult but still doable. You are situated in the bottom of the map. You have enough resources to defend Yourself for a while but You have to work fast… On the west part of the map there is a red enemy (not very powerful but still can do a lot of harm…) and on the east part of the map there is a white enemy and trust me when I say – be afraid… be very afraid. Those dudes will not let You live in peace. While You MAY try to conquer the red base – don’t really even think about attacking the white base. Yes it’s doable BUT it’s extremely difficult and even tho I succeeded in defeating them in the past – trust me – it’s a suicide mission… plus the objectives say nothing about defeating them… To draft the image of how nasty they are… White dudes will send their troops (a lot) on a regular basis to destroy Your base and if that isn’t enough they will send You a nuclear gift once in a while and those missiles can really do some damage to your camp…

Once I had my base “well defended” and in OKish shape I have decided to build a Cruisers and some Transporters and attack the big ION Cannon which is located far up north… and I have succeeded ;).

It may look easy on the video but trust me it’s NOT… One mistake may lead to restarting the mission from the scratch… and I have been there many times before I have gathered enough experience to succeed…

Enjoy the video. I am recommending the game to anyone.



I got sentimental… PCLinuxOS 2009 ISO Promotional Videos…

Hi all.

I was browsing my HDD and I have found my old videos that I made around 2009 to promote PCLinuxOS on my no longer existing YouTube channel. Here You go…

PCLinuxOS 2009.2 KDE 3.5.10 Promotional Video.avi

PCLinuxOS 2009 MiniMe KDE 3 Promotional Video.avi

PCLinuxOS 2009 MiniMe KDE 4 Promotional Video.avi

PCLinuxOS 2009 LXDE Promotional Video.avi

PCLinuxOS 2009 XFCE Phoenix Edition Promotional Video.avi

PCLinuxOS 2009 ZEN Mini Gnome Promotional Video.avi

PCLinuxOS 2009 ZEN Mini Gnome Promotional Video.avi

PCLinuxOS 2009.2 Gnome Promotional Video.avi

PCLinuxOS 2009.4 XFCE Phoenix Edition Promotional Video.avi

PCLinuxOS 2010 KDE4 AndrzejL’s Remaster.avi

PCLinuxOS KDE4 Wallpapers Promotional Video.avi

Torcs PCLinuxOS 2009 MiniMe Promotional Video.avi

Hope You will enjoy watching those as much as I did when I re-discovered them…


Solution for horrible bug in nano that renders the text editor completely useless.

EDIT: This solution will be implemented in the nano rpm and should soon be available as upgrade in PCLinuxOS repositories via Your package manager.

Thank You gseaman.

Hi all.

I have noticed this ages ago and it annoyed the BeeGeeses out of me. When You enter a long line of text in nano editor it “wraps” the lines. It “wraps” them like other text editors do – fine. The problem occurs when You try to save the file… all of the sudden long line of text becomes 3 or 4 lines of text… I have recorded this little video to show You an example of what I mean. Now imagine using nano on Your /boot/grub/menu.lst file. Edit the line – even just change the vga=xxx mode and when You reboot Your grub is going into “YOU MESSED UP DUDE!” mode.

Solution to this is to run this command from the terminal:

su -c "sed -i 's/# set nowrap/set nowrap/' /etc/nanorc"

and give it a root password when asked for it.

Fixing nano 1.

This will turn off the word wrap completely.

However if You are like me and You like the word wrap option BUT You want to keep one line as one line You may want to use this command as well:

su -c "sed -i 's/# set softwrap/set softwrap/' /etc/nanorc"

This will cause the nano editor to softly wrap the lines and when You will save the file – the lines won’t break. In other words if You will type a long line it will be shown as many rows of text BUT when You will save the file it will still be a one long line. Both commands have to be used in order for the soft wrap to work.

Fixing nano 2.

Thanks to the Andrzej3393, Enlik and Rsanti – guys from the Polish PCLinuxOS IRC channel – for testing and ideas.

Hope this helps somebody someday.



Julian Assange: Facebook Is a Spy Machine…

Hi all…

Like we didn’t knew that already… Well I was at least suspecting something… Julian Assange – founder of the WikiLeaks says: Facebook Is a Spy Machine. << [VIDEO] Click me…

Video + More story can be found here as well.

So… all the facebook / yahoo / google lovers… How’s that for a reason to stop using those services?

Welcome to the real world...

Facebook... Thumb up...

I never had facebook account. I had yahoo and google e-mail but I got rid of them ages ago…

For all those who are now desperately looking for a new e-mail provider… I am using services for over a year now and I am very happy with them.



Back to the roots – Diablo – Final fight [Video]

Hi all.

I got bored few days ago and I have decided to fire up one of the first games that ever bought. Diablo I.

To make it playable I used the Crossover software that I got for free 2 or 3 years ago (or maybe even 4 – can’t remember) during the Christmas time.

Beginning was rough ;). It needs a little hack to start working. When I was installing the game ages ago I have downloaded modified ddraw.dll from Wine 1.1.0 described here to fix the black screen problem. I am glad I have downloaded the file then coz the download site is not available anymore… I have pasted the modified ddraw.dll file to the game bottle into the c:windowssystem32 folder and I have replaced the file that existed in the bottle. It works perfect with the version Crossover Professional 7.1.0 (thanks CodeWeavers for a great app). Can’t wait till they will start giving away their app again for free ;). Would like to have newer version of it ;).

According to license I can share this file. Read the license below if You doubt that.

Modified ddraw.dll from Wine 1.1.0
Copyright (C) 1993-2010 the Wine project authors (see the Wine source to find out who they are)

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lesser General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA

This archive contains a modified version of the file that is a normal part of the Wine project, renamed ddraw.dll. It works around the blank screen problem affecting Worms Armageddon and some other programs with similar menus.

This particular copy of ddraw.dll was created by extracting the wine-1.1.0 source (which you can get from, and applying ddraw-1.1.0.diff by typing “patch -p0 < ddraw-1.1.0.diff" at the root of wine's source. I then built ALL of wine (but didn't install), and copied the resulting from the dlls/ddraw directory in the source.

I also stripped the file using "strip –strip-unneeded" command, but that was only to keep the size down. You probably shouldn't bother with that if you're building it yourself.

While this file might work on versions other than 1.1.0, Wine sometimes changes and breaks older versions of ddraw.dll. To really be safe, you should use a ddraw.dll built for the version of wine you're using.

If you have problems using the patch, please try running your program without using a modified ddraw.dll. If nothing changes, it's a bug in Wine and you should file a bug with them. If it works but you can't see the menus, it's probably my fault, and you post a comment on Wine's application database (

the files in this archive were built against ubuntu hardy and as such may not work on other distributions – if i get enough requests to make a build for another distribution then i may release more varients of the binary

if you build it yourself for another distribution please send me a copy – email address below – i will need to know the version of gcc it was built with, the version of wine it was built for and the host distribution

The patch works around one of the problems that affect Worms Armageddon and other programs in wine 1.x:

WA's menu is not drawn ( This seems to be because the window WA wants to use has a child window that obscures it completely. The patch works around that by drawing to the desktop window instead of the window WA asks it to use.

to enable the hack use the file "hack.reg" to enable it with the command "regedit hack.reg"

Jasmine Iwanek
jasmine (at)

Original Version By:
Vincent Povirk (madewokherd)
madewokherd (at)

I am glad I could get this game running so easily with PCLinuxOS.

I had a great time :D! << VIDEO! Click me.